Mind Mapping for Graphic Design

Sometimes one of the hardest things for a graphic designer or any artist is being creative, the majority of designers are creative but sometimes you can get in a rut or feel like your running out of ideas, it’s kind of similar to writers block. There are a few ways to get your creative juices flowing, one of my personal favourites is mind mapping. I know it sounds kind of silly but it really works and can be incredibly useful. 

A mind map is an effective tool people people use when brainstorming ideas. It involves having a main idea or primary focus and then branching out main points and then branching out further ad further. The branches usually comprise of key images or key words drawn in a colourful or fun way. It’s good to have images in your mind map because images usually tap into our imagination more than a word and for a designer having images all over your mind map will help snowball ideas, almost like your warming up your brain or imagination.

mind map

No matter what your designing a mind map is a good place to start say, if you feel a little over whelmed or not particular creative that day a mind map will be help you ease into things. It’s important to remember this can either be used very seriously, as if your planing ideas or it can be a casual warm up to get the creative juices flowing. Here is a link, which also explains mind mapping but if you scroll to the bottom you can see how a designer has used mind mapping to help come up with a logo for a shop.

I really hope this helps, remember to leave a comment and let me know what you thought and let me know what topic you want covered next.