Asset Island – Terms of Service

It is necessary to state that all items found on ‘’ are original and copyrighted, which means:

All purchased ‘’ store content may be used within a project of your own or on behalf of your client.

For example: you could use an item purchased in
(1) a website
(2) a presentation
(3) a promotional video
(4) a poster
(5) an application or game

All purchased ‘’ store content is royalty free.
This means that you can use your purchases once or a million times with no recurring charges.

Things which are not permitted are:

(1) you cannot offer the item (even if edited) up for resale either on its own or as part of a project.
(2) you may not use any purchased items for any type of merchandising without having purchased a necessary extended license.
If you require an extended license, please contact me for further details.
(3) you may not share the item(s) with others, as your purchase is limited to your sale use.
(4) you are explicitly prohibited from claiming exclusive creative credit for any ‘’ content.
(5) you can not have copyright over the item and use it as any registered trademark.

When using ‘’ store bought content there is no obligation to include Amy credit, i.e. ‘’ in your credits, however, we would really appreciate it if you did.